The Michelin star chef STEFANO CERVENI gained most of his experience on the job, even though the travelling and traning from teachers such as Gualtiero Marchesi and Heinz Beck helped him with his success. A success that can be tasted in his restaurant, one of the most renowned in Franciacorta, at Borgonato of Cortefranca, Brescia: Due Colombe. Ristorante Al Borgo Antico.
Stefano's type of cuisine is healthy, cultured, refined, and complete, without being affected by temporary fashions. The cuisine ranges between innovation and creativity, not to mention the tradition, which is the main element that distinguishes it from any other dish as well as from a geographical point of view. At the base of each recipe there is always the respect for good quality local produce that should be enhanced, so that they are always recognizable to the palate.
According to Stefano a dish should evoke emotions when eaten and in his case also heard which is why he has created music to match his specialties. To confirm the pleasure that you can get from the combination of art and food.
With Trenta Editore Stefano published “Stefano Cerveni, il Franciacorta nell’anima, nel bichiere, nel piatto”, an original book dedicated to the land he loves most, the backdrop of his greatest passions: food, wine and music.
How did you start your career as a chef? Briefly describe your professional career…
I was born in the kitchen… my highchair was in the kitchen while my dad Giuseppe and Grandma Elvira were cooking. I absorbed their passion from a young age. I started with a hotel management course, an internship and then straight into the kitchen with a lot of cooking and passion.
What ‘ingredients’ allowed you to make it to the top?
Passion, stubbornness, pursuit of absolute quality
What’s the main feature of your personality?
Never satisfied, sensitive and generous
Your favorite dish?
A traditional dish from Brescia, stewed tripe
What ingredient do you use the most in your dishes?
Chives, maldon salt, Isigny butter and extra virgin olive oil … yum
When you’re not in the kitchen what is it you like to do?
I like to spend most of my time in uncontaminated nature as well as playing the piano
What’s your relationship with art and what is your favorite form of art?
I’m a failed pianist. Or better yet I preferred the kitchen
What would you rather be a painting or a work of art?
Without a doubt La Giocanda
If you were a film…?
If you were a song/piece of music…?
People are Strange (The Doors)
If you were a book...?
Vita e morte di un grande chef (biography of Bernard Loiseau)
What chef do you admire the most? And artist?
Gualtiero Marchesi above all and as an artist Keith Jarret a pianist
What are your future prospects?
Not losing the will to grow, whatever happens will happen as a consequence
Have you ever used food as a weapon of seduction?
Of course, always! Because I’m convinced that my dishes reflect who I am as a person
Your motto?
Never give up

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