The historic company, based in Gragnano (a town situated in the Italian region of Campania), has been owned and managed by the Martino family since 1912. The “Pastificio Di Martino” has been able to grow and become an authoritative point of reference in the worldwide market of  Gragnano pasta thanks to the passion for pasta, insights and innovations given by three generations of pasta makers.

In 1915, the Pastificio Di Martino was the first to cross the Panama Canal, showing already from the first steps its natural vocation abroad. In fact, the current data see the 96% of production exported to 37 countries.
Giovanna and Giuseppe Di Martino, who have now reached the third generation of pasta makers, carry on the family vocation with genuine passion, guided by the values ​​of quality, craftsmanship, innovation and valorization of the area and its culture.
The prestigious IGP mark (Protected Geographical Idication) obtained by Gragnano pasta is recognize only to the pasta produced in the historic town of Gragnano, according to the certified traditional method, which involves the use of the best durum wheat semolina combined with pure local spring waters. The pasta is produced following the process of slow extrusion through a bronze die and slow drying at low temperature.
The Pastificio Di Martino selects only the best raw materials and uses only 100% Italian durum wheat semolina to produce its pasta and bring on the table all the taste of real Italian cuisine.
The Pastificio Di Martino will accompany Rosanna Marziale in her gastronomic adventure overseas. In fact, the Gragnano spaghetti will be among the protagonists of  the dish proposed by the chef of Caserta during the cooking show that could give her the absolute victory of the IMAF CHEF'S CUP. She will reintroduce in fact the same recipe that has already won the first prize during the Italian stage of the competition.
The concept devised by Rossella Canevari, which in 2013 has kicked off the event IMAF CHEF'S CUP, revolves around the union of food and art. What comes to your mind when thinking about this union?
Asart, cooking is a creative act, a loving gesture and expression of someone personality.
Food and art are cultivated with the same care and patience. They require passion, creativity and aesthetic sense and they are often linked to each other. 
They are source of inspiration for each other, just look at the many examples in which painting and cinematography have interpreted cooking, representing the food, nature or vice versa and also when the chefs have recreated in their dishes artwork reminiscent of the paintings of great painters.
In September, the IMAF CHEF'S CUP will move to the United States, in San Francisco, where the two winners of the Italian stage will land together with their luggage full of homegrown products and food and wine culture. How does the Pastificio di Martino fit in the foreign market?
The Pastificio Di Martino has always had a strong commitment to foreign markets. In fact, when the Panama Canal opened, in 1915, our products already arrived on the west coast of the U.S.
Since then, the penetration in nearly 40 countries, where it comes 95% of today turnover, has brought the company's success.
We follow a simple rule: the comparative advantage. We live and work on the sea, reaching regularly all the markets accessible by ship. Our proximity to the sea makes for us Tokyo being like in the Gragnano province and Milan in another continent.
Could you dedicatea personal motto or phrase of encouragement to our two chefs who will compete in the States for the title of winner of the first edition of IMAF CHEF'S CUP?
I do my best wishes to the two finalist chefs, Rosanna Marziale and Stefano Cerveni. They must be proud of their role as ambassadors of the Italian cuisine in the States!

23-10-2014 - 22:27:07 - Daniela
i live in Richmond Hill Ontario. Where can i purchase this pasta?
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23-10-2014 - 22:28:05 - Daniela i live in Richmond Hil Ontario, where can i purchase this pasta ?