Ornella Fado was born and raised in Italy, where, as a child, she studied classical piano and Ballet.
Her career started at the young age of 17 with the dance company of the Etoile`of Teatro dell'Opera di Roma Diana Ferrara.
For many years, Ornella performed and worked as a soloist, soubrette and actress in many RAI TV programs, and in some of the most well known theater productions such as Teatro Sistina in Rome with stars such as with Massimo Ranieri and Jhonny Dorelli.
Ornella also has worked as a model/actress in print and commercial ads and was for many years the "image" for GBR Television.
Briefly describe your professional career...
I am the founder/owner of OK Productions LLC, and also the creator of all aspects of the Brindiamo! brand including the two times Telly award winning Brindiamo! TV show, a television program, aired on NYC Life since October 2005.
Brindiamo! is a celebrative collections of TV programs dedicated to all lovers of Italian traditions and lifestyle has been created to satisfy curiosity for one of the most fascinating cultures in the world. Brindiamo! provides an informative,  educational, yet fun window to everything Italian, from travel, to food and life style, to celebrate my upcoming 10 years of Brindiamo! I am also working on a colorful Book with recipes and interviews to some of the most well know restaurateurs and chefs in America and Italy.“A Taste Of Brindiamo!”
What ‘ingredients’ allowed you to make it to the top? 
Definitely my determination with a lot of passion for my job. And …  I do not feel I am to the top, so much to do still to achieve my goals.

What’s the main feature of your personality?  
I heard often that I have a very bubbling personality. I do think that is what come across when I host a show or I just talk to people.

Your favorite dish? 
Spaghetti alle Vongole.

What ingredient do you use most in your work? 
My “brain” but in the kitchen I use a lot of extra Virgin olive oil.

When you’re not in the kitchen what is it you like to do? 
Everything else.. working, reading, listen to music, painting, decorating home, play with my cat, talk on the phone with friends and family and shopping with my daughter when she is around from college. 

What’s your relationship with art and what is your favorite form of art? 
I come from the art, I was a performer, (or …I am still a performer) I was a professional dancer, I study piano, and I also sung when I was performing in musicals so art is definitely still part of my everyday life.

What would you rather be a painting or a work of art? 
I think we all are “a work of art” somehow.

If you were a film…? 
I think “Gone With The Wind” .. Love the character of Scarlet O’Hara, her life went trough so much challenges but she believes in the “Tomorrow is an other day” and she moves on.

If you were a book…? 
Can I write my own book? .. I would be just like “The true story of Ornella Fado”. I have a big sense of wonder, and I am working on a children book about a special little fairy, but  when it comes to book to read I mostly love book inspired by true stories.

What chef do you admire the most? And the artist? 
Love Mauro Uliassi, he is humble, talented and fun. I Love Michelangelo Merisi “The  Caravaggio”. 

Have you ever used food as a weapon of seduction? 
Probably! But nothing fancy .. a good spoon of Nutella can seduce anyone.  

Your motto?  
I have quotes I love. “If you love your job you will never have to work one day in your life”. “The difference between extraordinary and ordinary is that little extra”, my motto probably is: JUST DO IT!

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