Chef Iside De Cesare (Restaurant La Parolina, Trevinano, VT) with chef Andrea Mattei (The Magnolia Restaurant , Forte dei Marmi) performed in an amazing cooking show on the occasion of the seventh stage of the IMAF CHEFS ' CUP 2014 and suddenly won the competition among sixteen Michelin chefs. 
Iside is Roman, twice mother, cook and confectioner.
Born in Rome in 1973, she abandoned engineering to embrace the world of cooking experience
However, it is at the Frasca Restaurant in Castrocaro, where working as a pastry chef she met Romano, is husband that has just left the kitchens of Gualtiero Marchesi (Erbusco).  
They decided to open The Parolina retaurant in Trevinano, a pleasant little restaurant awarded for some years now with a well-deserved Michelin star.
How did you start to be a chef? Describe your career path briefly:
I did beguin working in a pizza restaurant along with my sisters, in the meantime I studied engineering. Then I started to be very passionate for cooking, I attended a cooking school and I started my journey. First Agata e Romeo, then Le Colline Ciociare, La Pergola, l’Hilton, e 'la Frasca. Finally eight years ago the decision to open a restaurant with my husband Romano Gordini my partner in life and work.
What 'ingredients' you used to do that?
Sense of duty, perseverance, humility, passion, humor.
What is the main feature of your character?
The irony and tenacity.
Your favorite dish?
What is the ingredient you use most in the kitchen?
Chocolate confectionery, herbs in the kitchen.
When you're not in the kitchen , what is your favorite activity?
Reading, sports and traveling and of course eat.
Your relationship with art and your favorite art form?
To live is an art. I love all the arts because “it is not in the way you do it”, but “what you create and give to others” that fascinates me. In any case, I love the sculpture.
If you were a painting or a work of art which one would you be?
A canvas… still work in progress.
If you were a movie ...?
The Chocolate Factory.
If you were a song / music ...?
A song by De Gregori
If you were a book ...?
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
What is the chef that you most admire? And the artist?
Chef Nadia Santini and Michelangelo.
What are your plans for the future?
Learning Learning Learning.
Have you ever used the kitchen as a weapon of seduction?
Yes , always.
Your motto?
Laugh and let laugh.

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