IMAF CHEFS CUP (ICC) is now in its third year and there are many new features on the pot.
Before listing, however, that the numbers of the past three editions: 
-42 Michelin Starred Chefs who participated (here 2013) and (here 2014)
-11 The resident chef who prepared the menu for guests who attended the competition (Click here)
-22 Recipes inspired by the art (first edition in 2013) and film (secondo edition in 2014
-16 Steps of the Italian competition 
-2 International Steps: for the Gran Finale in San Francisco (3013) and the Gran Finale in New York (2014)
-48 Judges of the Italian jury, 
-6 Judges of the International Jury 
-2 Winners: Michelin starred chef Iside de Cesare (2014) and Michelin starred chef Stefano Cerveni in 2013.
But getting back to news, ICC in 2015 will be held in Milan, because of the Expo and for that, will includes all its 10 events as part of EXPO IN CITTA'
The most important news of this edition is of course the one that sees the 9 pairs of chefs in the race, made from an Italian chef paired with an International one: So will be nine countries around the world that meet the Mediterranean diet.
Updates to the list of countries and the names of the chefs will be published on the site as soon as possible.

The 9 couples will create recipes that contami- nate the gastronomic identities of the respective countries. The competition aims to create innova- tive recipes that meet the excellence parameters of a kitchen that uses natural ingredients, the best of each country’s taste, price and presentation of the dish as well.

The 3 best pairs will compete for the first pri- ze on the last one of the 10 nights of com- petition: Only one couple will be the champion of the IMAF Chefs Cup 2015. 

The 9 recipes in the race will be presented in April during “Interior, Energy For Life (13 April3 - May 30, 2105): Eatart will organize nive events (nine press conferences with happy hour) to showcase to the press and to the public the recipes.


On May 18th the race will start and here comes another of the big news: the 10 stages of the ICC will be held in an exceptional location la Terrazza Palestro. 

During 10 nights, the nine pairs of chefs through spectacular cooking show will present to the public and jury the recipes of the competition.

The Jury es of each of the 10 events will be always the same: 1 nutritionist, 1 foodblogger and 1 journalist. The fouth and fifth judges will be experts from the country of the foreign chef, for a total of 5 judges each time.

These are some of the innovations of the third edition of IMAF CHEFS CUP ... Get ready stay hungry, ICC is back!