The chefs Rosanna Marziale and Stefano Cerveni thought they had it easy by competing against the Americans for the trophy however the two chefs will have to compete against each other. In light of the next edition of the IMAF CHEFS 2014, where the two winning chefs will go to Los Angeles, the EATART association has decided to change the tack of the event. Putting the spotlight on the two Michelin star chefs by going overseas for the events, after which they will have to face a third evening of culinary cooking... and then only one will be able to go home with the trophy.
September 9th, Il Fornaio: Charming Rosanna Marziale will introduce the signature dishes based on “100% Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP”. As well as some specialties from her restaurant “Le Colonne” such as the “Pizza al Contrario” which Rosanna will prepare during her exciting cooking shows.
September 10th, Il Fornaio Stefano Cerveni, owner of the “Le Due Colombe. Ristorante al Borgo Antico”, will present at the cooking show dishes with the simple but refined flavours of Franciacorta in the heart of Lombardy. Along with his specialty “Risotto Mantecato” prepared with Grana Padano cheese whose consortium is based not far from Stefanos home town. 
September 11, Il Fornaio in San FranciscoGRAN FINALE: the two Italian chefs will face each other cooking for the public the two unique dishes that made them the winners of the 2013 IMAF CHEFS’S CUP.
Rosanna Marziale will prepare "Spaghetti di Gragnano al pomodoro San Marzano chiusi nella mozzarella di bufala campana DOP", inspired by the Italian comedy “Misery and Royalty”, while Stefano Cerveni will create his "Zuppa di pan cotto con bocconcini di quaglia croccante, foie gras e tartufo", dedicated to the Oscar Winning movie “The Babette’s Feast". 

The public and five judges, selected among journalists, chefs and local personalities, will select the winner at the end of the competition.

30-08-2013 - 03:05:48 - Kathleen A. Barnes
I would like to inquire as to how to get two tickets to go to the September 11 competition at Il Fornaio when Chef Stefano competes.